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The Game Has No Winners

The adage “individuals don’t typically leave commitments, they leave people” is somewhat outdated. Recently, individuals are also abandoning their commitments in droves because of toxic team cultures.

Toxic cultures almost always emerge when leaders reward individual over collective achievements and prioritize the bottom line over the people who deliver it.


Add Value Everyday

In this presentation, Drew offers audiences’ strategies for fostering a culture of leadership based on care instead of toxicity.

Dispelling the notion that leadership is destined for those who are committed to outmaneuvering and outperforming their peers, Drew demonstrates that acting selflessly is the most effective way to foster loyalty amongst teams. Audiences will discover the value of being an ‘indispensable teammate’ in cultivating that commitment.

A practical lesson in how to create and sustain a culture of collaboration while striking the right balance between autonomy and accountability, this presentation is ideal If you’re seeking to demonstrate/reinforce the power of supporting others to add-value and achieve collective goals.

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Based on 75+ data points over the past year, this presentation has a net promoter score of 86 with only 0.07% of respondents rankig it 6 or less on a scale of 1-10.

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