The Foundation of Leadership

Self Respect

Employers today are facing a crisis of confidence amongst their employees. According to Gallup, approximately 80% of employees are currently either disengaged or strongly disengaged at work with 44% experiencing ‘a lot’ of stress and 25% feeling worried, angry, or sad.

People simply can’t work at their best if they don’t feel safe. Employers are thus increasingly seeking to leverage health and wellness initiatives to navigate change and uncertainty in their workplaces.


Prioritize ‘Who To Be’ vs. ‘What To Do’

In this presentation, Drew offers audiences several simple yet transformative leadership strategies for cultivating resilience and psychological safety into their daily routines.

Through powerful stories that recognize the difficult parts of life and work with humour and compassion, audiences will discover how to close the gap between the person they are and the person they want to be without compromising their happiness, fulfillment, or work-life balance.

This presentation is a great addition to your agenda if you believe your audience could benefit from a reminder that they are not alone in their frustrations and fears and that taking care of themselves is an essential part of feeling engaged and connected every day.

With A Net Promoter Score of


Based on 900+ data points over the past 3 years, this presentation has a net promoter score of 86 with only 0.07% of respondents ranking it 6 or less on a scale of 1-10.

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