Defining the Things that Define Leaders

More Than Words

A companion to The Leadership Test or Cultures of Leadership core presentations or lead-in to the Self Respect, Courage, Class & Impact, and Growth & Empowerment supplemental presentations, the More than Words workshop is offered to help participants implement their plan for behaving impactfully everyday and reinforce why they matter while doing so.


What You Can Expect

Featuring immersive simulations, timely discussions, practical, instruction, and results-focused exercises, participants will work towards creating a system of accountability that drives engagement, connection, and impact in all facets of their lives and careers.

In doing so, participants will:

Engage in a deeper, collective examination of the values they use to guide decision-making.

Translate those values into everyday behaviors.

Create action-driving questions to motivate the use of those behaviors.

Strategize for some of the daily challenges that could stand in the way of behaving impactfully.

Additional Information

Note: the maximum number of participants per facilitator for the one- and two-day workshop formats is 12-36 people. There is approximately 90 minutes of breaks included per day for these formats.

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