A Roadmap to Impact


Employee engagement is one of the predominant challenges affecting business today. Recent data suggests that higher workplace engagement leads to better outcomes including a 17% increase in productivity; 20% increase in sales; and 21% increase in profitability.


Defining The Things That Define Leaders

In this presentation, Drew introduces audiences to a system of accountability called The Leadership Test that drives engagement and empowers employees to be more productive and impactful in all facets of their lives and careers.

Rooted in behavioral psychology, audiences will discover how to make decisions aligned with their values by surfacing and operationalizing the behaviors that they want to define them as leaders and creating action-driving questions to motivate action in the pursuit of those behaviors.

Sharing insights from leaders of all types – CEOS, elite athletes, can drivers, custodians, and everyone in between – this presentation will change the way you think about leadership in your life, workplace, and community,

With A Net Promoter Score of


Based on 3100+ data points over the past 3 years, this presentation has a net promoter score of 83 with only 0.02% of respondents ranking it 6 or less on a scale of 1-10.

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