Creating Cultures of Leadership

This is Day One

When a group of prominent researchers first set out to discover how effective leaders behave, they found those individuals consistently engaged in a series of exemplary daily practices.

They also concluded they scored 110% higher on measures of overall leadership effectiveness; were ranked 140% higher than those who didn’t demonstrate the same practices; and scored 135% higher on measures of trust by the people who worked for them.


Culture is the Most Powerful Force on the Planet

In this presentation, Drew teaches audiences an actionable process to model the exemplary practices and achieve the same measured results mentioned above.

Targeted at “culture creators and enablers” within an organization, audiences will gain a clearer picture of how to use values and action-driving questions to make normally unconscious behaviors a more consistent part of their lives and careers. In doing so, they will be better equipped to engage with their lives and work in a more positive, meaningful, and impactful manner.

Honest, engaging, and above all useful, audiences will leave this presentation having gained clarity on how to lead with purpose and move the leadership narrative away from power and influence towards a more inclusive form centered upon who they are and how they behave.

With A Net Promoter Score of


Based on 1700+ data points over the past 3 years, this presentation has a net promoter score of 83 with only 0.02% of respondents ranking it 6 or less on a scale of 1-10.

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