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In nearly every industry today, people have been affected by unprecedented disruptions that have negatively impacted their perceptions of work. These uncertainties have created fear and hampered productivity.

One recent report, for example, even suggested that absenteeism is 37% higher and productivity 18% lower because individuals are concerned about major shifts in their jobs (or the loss of their jobs entirely).


Confidence Isn’t Courage

In this presentation, Drew provides practical strategies for addressing the fear and restoring the productivity mentioned above.

He will discuss the fundamental differences between confidence and courage; share a process for systematically overcoming fear; and provide a decision-making framework that helps individuals stand by the decisions that scare them the most.

This presentation is an ideal choice if you’re looking to provide your audience with the insights necessary to make positive, momentum-building decisions when their instincts tell them to “wait and see.”

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Based on 250+ data points over the past year, this presentation has a net promoter score of 87 with only 0.02% of respondents ranking it 6 or less on a scale of 1-10.

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