Drew’s collection of presentations is the engine for helping your audience behave more impactfully every day. Based on over 6,500 data points, Drew has a net promoter score of 85 (versus an industry average of 60) with only 0.025% of respondents giving him a rating of 6 or below.

In addition to two core presentations that empower audiences to behave more authentically and productively in their lives and careers, Drew offers four supplementary presentations to maintain momentum in the midst of disruption. For further information, check out my speaker demo reel found here.

Culture, Engagement, & Productivity:

The Leadership Test

A Roadmap to Impact

This is Day One

Creating Cultures of Leadership

Collaboration & Teamwork:

The Game Has No Winners

Growth, Empowerment, & Leading Beyond on Economy of Scarcity

Psychological Safety & Resilience:

Self Respect

The Foundation of Leadership

Conflict & Differences:

Elevate Don’t Escalate

Living with Class and Leading with Impact

Failure & Disruption:


Leadership Impact in Action