Everyday Leadership

Deserves to be Appreciated.

What is Everyday Leadership?

It is the recalibrating of everything we have been taught about what leadership is and where to find it. That is why we have provided this Wall of Amazing Humans (WOAH) to allow you to showcase the outstanding everyday leaders with whom you work, succeed, fail, and push forward.

Welcome to the WOAH!


You Nominate someone (using the super handy form below).


If your nomination is chosen, The Day One Leadership team will follow up with you.


We recognize as many nominees as we can, however the more compelling the story the better!

There is no correlation between your level of education, your bank account balance, your background, or how smart you think you are and your ability to put wisdom into the world.

I know that we’re all aware of how much we DON’T know and that makes us insecure about offering the world what we DO know. However, you’re never too inexperienced to offer insight.

There’s no “minor leagues” of life: you hit the ground with the ability to make a major impact right away. Choose to share your stories, your wisdom, and your ability to change the course of someone’s experience each day.

“Leadership recognized is leadership created”

Drew Dudley

Wall of Amazing Humans


Founder CEO / Staff Shop

As an Indigenous-French-Canadian woman and entrepreneur, Jennifer dreamed of leading a purpose driven organization, from anywhere in the world…



Aunt/School Professional

A 2.5-hour conversation with my aunt sparked this well-deserved nomination. I am a future educator, student teaching at a middle school right now.



Founding Partner, CTBK LLP

Bob has always been the optimal leader! He is a CPA, cofounding an accounting firm that has grown to a 130 employees in Western New York.


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Wall of Amazing Humans

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