Founding Partner, CTBK LLP 

Bob has always been the optimal leader! He is a CPA, cofounding an accounting firm that has grown to a 130 employees in Western New York. He has set the bar high for what CTBK LLP means to the community. 

He encourages communication and leads by example. He is a team builder, advocates for others, inspires others to be their best and is consistent in his approach to getting things done. COVID-19 really tested these skills. He was in the office daily with everyone working remotely assisting everyone in any way he could to solve problems and make this more manageable to get product to our clients. As a Partner, Bob fostered a great level of trust within the organization with the “we can do it” attitude and allowed each individual to make their own family situation work for them throughout this time. He along with the other CTBK partners have been nothing but generous in their personal commitment to us all. 

Bob selflessly goes above and beyond ordinary expectations. He was the initiator of “Helping Hands” in the firm, encouraging everyone in the firm to give back to the community for the blessings they have received. Bob is an influencer in the community as well and gives freely of his time serving on numerous Boards: Treasurer and Board Member Catholic Health Systems, Treasurer and Board of Trustees Our Lady of Peace Nursing Home, Treasurer and Board of Directors Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association, member of St. Peter’s Parish Finance Committee. Bob has also spearheaded an annual Christmas Toy Drive for the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club. Bob’s fast past nature and caring ways are both inspiring and contagious. 

I hope you get to meet this wonderful man and see just what an amazing human he is! 

– Karen Penfold, CTBK LLP