Drew Dudley


Day One Reads – Mobituaries

Day One Reads – Mobituaries “Strawberry-flavored Frankenberry was soon discovered to contain a dye that turned children’s feces pink. According to medical researcher John V. Payne ‘the stool had no abnormal odor but looked like strawberry ice cream. This horrifying to parents, hilarious to children, and harmless to doctors condition was named ‘Frankenberry Stool’. While …

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Planning Celebrations

Planning Celebrations

Planning Celebrations Why are goals and milestones so awesome? Because they are pre-planned celebrations. Celebrations of growth, achievements, success, and progress. And we spend a lot of time, energy, and effort on these planned celebrations — when it comes to projects, careers, our businesses — but what about for our own growth and development? How do we expect to develop …

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