Planning Celebrations

Planning Celebrations

Why are goals and milestones so awesome? Because they are pre-planned celebrations.

Celebrations of growth, achievements, success, and progress. And we spend a lot of time, energy, and effort on these planned celebrations — when it comes to projects, careers, our businesses — but what about for our own growth and development? How do we expect to develop and grow our personal leadership values and personal leadership culture — if we are not setting goals, milestones and activities to know we are progressing? 

Momentum is such a powerful force in our lives,  yet we pay so little attention to creating our own momentum in closing that personal leadership value gap. We all want to get to those planned celebrations, we just need to remind ourselves to put the same amount of time, energy, effort, and accountability into our personal leadership value development – that we do into our school/work/business lives. 

And momentum begins with small steps, small actions – like writing down our personal leadership values and looking at them every day like a checklist. Every day won’t be a perfect clean sweep, but the attention we give that list, keeps those values top of mind, making it easier to recognize and find opportunities to live them. This leads to a planned celebration (e.g. awkward self high-five) and most importantly – providing momentum along the path of living our everyday leadership values and forming the habits and actions that create our personal leadership culture. 

What’s beautiful about building momentum, is that we can start with those easy steps. Creating your daily leadership value list, set a goal of checking off at least 1 per day, then 2, then 3… and use that momentum to finally see and realize that you are living those values and becoming that leader, that person you want to be. 

We’re making a list…checking it twice…gonna find out whose building their leadership values or not…. 

And let’s celebrate and acknowledge those personal growths and personal leadership milestones along the way, as we narrow that gap between the person we are now and the person we want to be.