Who is A Good Leader?

By Drew Dudley

You are a good leader. Or at least you can be. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to believe that because we’ve been taught to minimize our leadership. To change that, you need to learn that a lot of the things you were taught about leadership are wrong.

The examples of “good leaders” we were given when young were all giants: presidents, cultural groundbreakers and people who conquered empires. We great up internalizing the idea that leadership was about profile, power and money. We learned to look for it only in the loud and charismatic and if we didn’t see those things in ourselves we determined we weren’t yet good leaders, and perhaps never would be.

Recognize Everyday Leadership

When we change our definition of leadership to incorporate the ways in which everyone—not just these “giants”—can impact the lives of others, we can start to acknowledge the power of our own leadership. When we recognize our own leadership and that of those around us (not just those above us) we can start to harness that power more frequently.

You should recognize and celebrate YOUR leadership…and live it every day.


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Who is Drew?

Millions of people have been moved by Drew Dudley’s attempt to change that narrow definition of leadership. Drew’s TED Talk “Everyday Leadership (The Lollipop Moment)” became one of the 15 most inspirational TED Talks of all time because of its simple message: “You should recognize and celebrate YOUR leadership…and live it every day.”

For over 15 years, Drew Dudley has been teaching individuals and organizations on how to recognize leadership through mesmerizing presentations that share his practical and accessible Day One Leadership Approach.

Take Leadership to Another Level

What sets the Day One process apart is its practicality and accessibility: Drew provides leadership tools that connect with many people who have never considered themselves leaders: introverts, front-line staff, volunteers and employees with little seniority. His approach is rooted in behavioral psychology and provides a step-by-step plan that can be implemented immediately by anyone in the organization, and the behaviors he helps create are directly linked to employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.

Most of the leadership in your organization is passing by unrecognized, uncelebrated and ineffectively developed. Set up a no-commitment consultation call to learn how we can help you change that.


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