Creative Project Manager, Hot Soup Group

Accountability, Pride and Effort. These may seem like simple, generic and obvious words to describe someone you would want on your team – but in my experience, people like Serene who actually embody these values in their everyday actions are extremely rare.   As a team, our goal is to be obsessed with our partners and delivering them creative solutions to help grow their brand, business, message. Serene takes incredible pride in her work, but perhaps more importantly, pride in what our partners are putting out into the world and sharing with their customers and communities.   Pride in our collective work that ensures we are are putting our time, energy and thought into the right areas – and more importantly putting the effort in, to actually think things through. That effort and actual ability to think, might be the most difficult “thing” to find in people – and Serene’s carries it in spades.   And trust. We are so fortunate to have a team that values trust – and it is so obvious when someone does not foster that trust with the team. That value of trust and accountability – is only as strong as it is because of Serene.   No matter what the world throws our partners, or our agency – having Serene on our side, by our side – means we don’t have to worry about who is going to step up and follow through.   And the best part about Serene is how her values cascade through the rest of our team.

–Hussein Samnani, CEO Hot Soup Marketing Group