Director of Student Services, Saint Marys Area School District

Sometimes in life, we meet people along our way who will forever change who we are. That AMAZING human is Sarah Schreiber. Being new to administration, Sarah took a chance on moving me into the realm of leadership from teaching. She has taught me that leadership goes well beyond an 8 to 4 job, well beyond checking boxes, and well beyond management. Sarah is an everyday leader. She displays understanding, collaboration and compassion on a day to day basis! When the idea of “Day One” leadership comes to mind, I envision a picture of Sarah taking the page. She is someone who, when she wakes each day, and yes, even at 6am when the first thought should be coffee, is already student-centered, staff-aligned, and focused on how people can continue to be provided the opportunity to grow. In her daily leadership, Sarah focuses on fostering continual progression in all areas that affect education. Her creative ways of thinking continue to encourage and support everyone around her with commitment to our #GoDutch vision!

-Dr. Mollie Anzinger, Special Education Liaison, St. Marys Area School District – St. Marys, Pennsylvania