Co-CEO, Kona Club Ltd.

Elin has experienced many hardships in life. Fresh out of high-school, she moved to New York, 3 months later 9/11 happened, and despite her young age, she was quick to volunteer and help the rescue workers. A year later, she became the victim of a horrendously violent crime. She lost her mother to a horrific cancer while completing her Masters degree. Despite life’s challenges, Elin’s ability to see everything as a learning opportunity, has kept her optimistic about life, and has made her eager to make a difference.

Elin is a truly inspiring, courageous, strong, and compassionate leader, in her daily life, and for the three businesses she owns and manages. With her latest venture – Kona Club Ltd – she is developing tech for societal change. Practical tools that you and I can use in our daily lives to help change the status quo for the better. She is also connecting women executives, as well as, creating a global platform to mentor young women to become the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Elin not only envisions a better world, she concretely sets out to make it happen. Even in every small and personal interaction with her, we are left better off than we were before. The world is truly a better place thanks to Elin.

– Rhiana Spring, Co-CEO, Kona Club Ltd.