Chief Catalyst, Count Me In

While we watched programs around the world hit PAUSE, we hit PIVOT. A’ric Jackson and our Leadership Team unanimously stepped up and decided that no matter what obstacles we faced, we were producing our Global Leadership Summit this year.

It’s been quite the journey these last couple months as our team made the courageous decision to transition our in-person live event into an immersive virtual experience.

Despite the hurdles we faced on the path to this monumental shift, A’ric Jackson realized this was an opportunity to do something truly special.

We shipped “Summit-In-A-Box” to all participants (with the exception of participants in Afghanistan and Trinidad, who received digital packages since their domestic mail is currently shut down). We built a spectacular high-touch virtual campground, since Zoom wasn’t going to cut it. A’ric led our Leadership Team in unwrapping each element that was in place for the physical event, piece by piece, determining how to change direction to create and deliver a compelling experience online. It’s been a time of learning and growth for all of us, and I’ve watched A’ric reach new levels of leadership while steering a cruise ship that suddenly morphed into a submarine.

– Shane Feldman, CEO, Count Me In