Chief Operating Officer, Day One Leadership

The WOAH exists largely because of Allan Grant: it emerged from one of his suggestions and I quickly realized I wanted him to be one of the first people inducted. Allan represents everything we hope to celebrate with this initiative: the quiet behind-the-scenes leader that helps others shine brighter. I knew we’d have to keep this recognition a secret from him because he’d argue we shouldn’t induct “one of our own” and instead focus on others. However, I see this as my chance to model what we’re asking from others: recognize those people in your lives and businesses who have allowed you to reach greater heights personally and professionally. More than a decade ago Allan helped me take my first leadership development program to new heights, and since he came onboard to Day One two years ago he’s done the same here. I’m a better leader because of Allan, and our clients are better served because of his work.

– Drew Dudley, Founder, Day One Leadership