How To Be A Leader At Work

By Drew Dudley

The key to effective leadership at work is consistency in your decision-making. No matter your role in an organization, your decisions impact those you work with, and we too often worry that our role as a leader at work is to make people like our decisions. However, if you hope to be effective as a professional leader your concern should be whether-or-not those you work with respect your leadership decisions.

That respect for your decisions is crucial regardless of whether-or-not you hold an official leadership position or are the newest person in the company. Consistency in decision-making is only possible when you have a clear set of criteria for making those personal and professional leadership decisions that matter the most. Drew Dudley teaches you how to create that criteria.

Criteria for Consistency

By helping you understand and define which values mean the most to you, Drew helps you make better leadership decisions and adapt your behaviour to create more moments of powerful everyday leadership. Drew can’t make the challenges you face at work any easier, but he can provide you with the tools to address and solve them more effectively and consistently.

Drew can’t make the challenges you face at work any easier, but he can provide you with the tools to address and solve them more effectively and consistently.


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Who is Drew?

For over 15 years, Drew Dudley has been teaching individuals and organizations on how to recognize leadership through mesmerizing presentations that share his practical and accessible Day One Leadership approach.

What sets the Day One process apart is its practicality and accessibility: Drew provides leadership tools that connect with many people who have never considered themselves leaders: introverts, front-line staff, volunteers and employees with little seniority. His approach is rooted in behavioral psychology and provides a step-by-step plan that can be implemented immediately by anyone in the organization, and the behaviors he helps create are directly linked to employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.

Take Leadership to Another Level

Drew Dudley and Day One Leadership will provide you with a custom roadmap to begin building more effective leadership as an individual or an organization. Regardless of where you, your employees or your organization are in their leadership journey, Drew Dudley and the Day One approach will take you to another level, whether it’s a single keynote or our ongoing development tools.

Most of the leadership in your organization is passing by unrecognized, uncelebrated and ineffectively developed. Set up a no-commitment consultation call to learn how we can help you change that.


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